Rather than residential, commercial and automotive services, we also offer many other services in Irvine area. Irvine Locksmith is the best option for all your lock and key related needs. All our locksmiths are well trained and are experienced also. We offer a lot more services. Few of them are as- ,/p>

1. Master lock installation-

Master lock provides you with a secured level of comfort. Every home owner must install master lock as they are very important. Rate of burglaries and thefts are increasing very fast today but with safe and secure technology they can be prevented. Irvine Locksmith offers a wide variety of services. We can install a brand new master lock to all the doors in your office and home.

2. Systems (CCTV surveillance) –

CCTV protects your family and your valuables. It is very important to have your CCTV surveillance system working in proper order and that’s why we are here because we understand this. At Irvine Locksmith we offer repairing and installation service for CCTV. Our well qualified and experienced locksmiths make sure that your security system will always remain in the most excellent working order.

3. Rekeying-

Rekeying is very important to make sure the safety and security of you house. You don’t want any unknown person to hold a key to your home and that’s why it is very important to rekey your home. All the locksmiths at Irvine Locksmith have a lot of practice with the rekeying. They are well trained and are experienced enough to rekey any kind of lock. We offer mobile technicians round the clock and they can handle your all kinds of rekeying needs in Irvine area. If you want any of your locksmiths needs to be solved then just call us today at (949) 485-2929 .

4. Unlock car door and open trunk-

If your vehicle jams or you left your car key into the trunk or into the car our expert and professional locksmith technicians can help you. All the locksmith technicians at Irvine Locksmith are devoted to finding the best ways to open the trunk of your car and to unlock your car’s door. They can also cut any kind of key for you on the spot. Rather than this they can also offer a lot more services related to vehicles.

5. Security camera, lock picking-

A security system is very essential for your business and for your home also. It protects your valuables and your loved ones too. It keeps its eye on everything happened outside and inside. Give us a call on (949) 485-2929 to install a security system to your office or home because it’s never too late to be protected. More than this we also offer lock picking service. Whether you need safe picking, mailbox picking, padlock picking, door lock picking or anything else just give us a call and all your problems will be solved rapidly and cost efficiently.

6. Ignition key replacement-

A malfunctioning ignition key is a dangerous matter. If your ignition car key is not working properly then your car might stop at most inconvenient time and this can be very annoying also. Irvine locksmith can help you in this matter. Our locksmith technicians can make a new ignition key for you within few minutes on the spot so that you can get back to the road quickly. If you have lost your key they can also make a completely new key for you. So, if you want your ignition key to be replaced or want to make a new one just call Irvine locksmith at (949) 485-2929 and all your worries will be diminished.

7. 24 hour locksmith-

If you are ever locked out of your home or if you are ever stuck out of your car at any inconvenient time just call Irvine Locksmith at (949) 485-2929 . We are the solution to your all problems. We offer 24 hour locksmith service at Irvine area. Whenever you need us, we will be there for you.

8. Unlock safes and repair-

Safes are very essential in offices and homes. They keep our important things protected and secured. But it could be very difficult to open them if you lose their keys. But with Irvine Locksmith you don’t have to worry about anything. We offer many kinds of services for safes. We also offer safe installation and safe repairing services in addition to our residential and commercial services.

9. Transponder key programming-

The most ordinary problem that smart key owners have to face is when their vehicle key stop working suddenly. It can be truly disturbing. But, no worries as Irvine Locksmith can be at your location in less than 30 minutes of your call and can fix all your problems within no time. We offer programming and reprogramming services for transponder keys.

10. Key cutting and key duplication-

If your keys are broken or lost Irvine Locksmith can provide you the fastest key replacement and key duplication services. We are always ready to help you in Irvine area regardless of the time and place. We can offer key cutting and key duplication services at affordable rates.

11. Lost key and lock replacement-

If you have lost or broke your car keys just call Irvine Locksmith and they will help you in getting out of such situation in a jiffy. Our experienced locksmiths can handle all the lock related problems. Call Irvine Locksmith today at (949) 485-2929 and we will come to your location and will help you to have you back o the road again.